Explore the city

The day started very weird when I had two mornings but no night in between. The flights were not too bad, however, I was not able to sleep at all.


We had to walk for 15 minutes from the train station to our flat, and carrying two huge luggages on a bumpy, rocky road was not a very pleasant experience. Once we dropped our luggages, we started exploring the city. The dark brick buildings made the city look so magnificent and stately. I looked all around and I liked the pattern and the similarity of the building styles. The castle looked so imposing and somehow overwhelming, watching us from the top of this great rock structure. We did not have a plan for the day. We just wanted to figure out our position in space, what can be found around us, and where we can find a map that will easily organize all these in our heads.

After a while, we decided to visit Scott’s Monument. We chose a pretty windy day to climb 287 steps on a tower of 61 meters (200 feet, for my American friends). Actually I don’t know how windy it is on a particular day here, but this one seemed pretty windy, so I’ll compare it to a normal day in my regular, simple life. The view was amazing, but I think my mind chose what to look at. When I tried to take a picture of the view, I realized there were a lot of buildings in constructions, roads filled with orange cones, a lot of commercial signs and electrical cables. I think I will just appreciate and remember the view my mind chose to see. Sometimes pictures don’t help.


We had lunch today at Social Bite, which was a lunch place that gives you the option to pay a meal for a homeless person, where 100% of the profits go toward a homeless community, and where they hire homeless people to work in their kitchens or restaurants. Do you get that? It helps them improve and get a chance to a better life! It helps the community develop, find a purpose and have all the support they need to fulfill that! Plus their coffee was pretty good too… Just saying… I just didn’t get why Scottish peeps put cocoa on the milk foam…

After we wandered around the city, we had dinner and got ready for a Ceilidh evening. It was absolutely the greatest thing I have done so far in this life. From what I understood from one man in a red kilt (so he must be right), Ceilidh is an old Scottish word for a party where Scottish people dance, play and sing music, tell stories and spend time together. However, this particular night was just focused around the dancing part. The evening was amazing! The musicians explained the steps of the dance, and shortly they started playing, so I had to pick it up pretty fast… They had so many different dances for couples or groups of different sizes. Strangers would come and invite girls to dance, and I finally could relate to the ladies from the nursing homes where I do my practicum, when they would tell me how much fun it was to go to the ball. I would definitely go there every week if I had the chance to. We stayed and participated in different styles and types of dances from 20:00 until 22:30, however, the night kept going for the rest of them until about midnight. How do they have all this energy? I for one, felt that I worked out more than I would have had at the gym…



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